Union Cabinet approves creation of 'Hospitality Development and Promotion Board' (HDPB)

R H Khwaja, Tourism secretary will head the board which is formed to fast track hotel projects

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Travel News

The Union Cabinet has approved setting up of Hospitality Development and Promotion Board (HDPB) for approving and facilitating of hotel projects. The decision will facilitate the setting up of a Hospitality Development and Promotion Board at the Central level. The State Governments/UTs will be advised to set up a State level Hospitality Development and Promotion Board on similar basis.

The main function of the Board will be to monitor and facilitate clearances/approvals of hotel projects both at the Central and state government level. The Board will be a single point for receiving applications for various clearances; for fast track approval/clearances of hotel project proposals in a time bound manner, review hotel project policies to encourage the growth of hotel/hospitality infrastructure in the country.

The Board will review and monitor clearances of hotel projects with the concerned Ministries/Departments/ authorities by meeting on fixed schedule basis. The HDPB will not in any way supercede the statutory clearances of other agencies and will only act as a facilitator for fast track hotel project approvals in a time bound manner.

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