Goa needs to solve it's transportation woes to boost tourism

Allowing more App-Based Taxi Services to operate can solve problems of high fares faced by the tourists


Goa, despite being a tourist state and having mass appeal and attracting millions of tourists every year, did not have a transparent taxi business till August last year as per a report in Navhindtimes.

To overcome the negative publicity Goa was getting because of the unfair practices of taxi owners the government introduced GoaMiles, an app-based taxi service promoted by GTDC. The introduction of the service has helped the state lessen some of the negative publicity as far as taxi services were concerned and driven confidence among tourists and locals.

GoaMiles today claims to have around 1,450 taxis registered under its service and has been doing good business, indicating that the service is catching up. An increasing number of tourists staying in hotels are using GoaMiles taxis owing to its fair and transparent system rather than the taxis which park themselves at the hotels and other places.

All the taxis operated under the service were registered in the state. With over 2 lakh people having downloaded the GoaMiles app, it has gained popularity in Goa. There is need to start more such app-based taxi services in the state.